Wellington Start-Up – SEA Gaining Traction In New Zealand

Wellington-based start-up Sea Digital  is making waves in the normally ultra-competitive world of digital agencies. The young entrepreneur ‘Nev Rodda’ has come into the local market with a storm of new and innovative search idea’s driven by content.

“We build and implement a content marketing strategy for your business so that you can connect with them through adding value. That way your business becomes a liked and trustworthy business that delivers value to your marketplace.

The content we create comes in many different forms, click here to learn more about using content marketing for your business.

We are very hands on with your content creation, we literally help you build an active audience with videos, podcasts, articles, info-graphics and other information-based marketing.”

The basis of his content creation strategy is pretty clear. Provide more value than you ask your audience for and you have the recipe for a winning business.

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Should you be looking for a search engine optimisation business in the Wellington region then visit SEA for a forwarding futuristic approach to SEO.

The team will be out with SLR camera’s, drones and another tech that will enable you to stand as the authority in your industry.


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